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Serian Bike Festival 2015 promises excitement

Serian town will never be quiet again!

Mark your calendar on 24 October 2015, as the town will be awakened by the roaring sound of engines from different parts of Kuching and Samarahan.

It’s the first ever bikes festival in Serian jointly organized by Yellowbean Enterprise and Serian District Council. Also, with the assistance of Royale Riders which is based in Kuching.

As to date, 15 Motorcycle clubs, had signed up for the event namely Borneo Highland Choppers, Sarawak Dsroopers, Bikers Nation, Santai Bikers Inc, Tegar Bikers, I am LCians Serian City, Lone Legion Brotherhood, Iron Tigers, Stout Riders, Sedarah, Rolling Thunder, Kaban Dingan, Cahya Bikers, Killer Breed Motorcycle Club and Bornshakers.
Since the event is only for a day, the highlight of the event is the Country Ride to Kpg Mongkos, Serian.

It’s expected that over a hundred motorbikes will join the convoy to Kpg Mongkos, where they’ll be meeting up with some VIPs and be entertained with Bidayuh traditional dances. Other activities during the festival include the sales of food and drinks, sales of motorcycle accessories, arm wrestling, slow ride contest, mini darts competition and song performances by the Gurus and youths.

If you would like to bring home some T-shirts as souvenirs, they are available for sale ranging from RM40-50, depending on the clothing materials.

So, break away from the comfort of your home for a while. Grab your keys and drive to Tasik Danu, Serian on Saturday, 24 Ocotber. Let not your Saturday be solemn but fill it with excitement.

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